California quail (Callipepla californica) are some of my favorite subjects. They have such varied and intricate plumage patterns, and you've gotta love that plume!
California quail atop the brushQuail on a branch at sunriseQuali in the bushesQuail standing tallQuail with a watchful eyeQuail chinstrapQuail strikes a poseQuail stare-downCurious quail in focusMale quail on the bushQuail in profile on a bushQuail on a bush (with another in the bokeh)Quail calling from coyote brushCurious quail in coyote brushCalifornia quail calling across the valleyMale California quail in songQuail singing from a twisted branchCalifornia quail perched on a high branch of coyote brushCalifornia quail calling out from coyote brush