Ivan Parr(non-registered)
Incredible shots! You really capture the natural beauty of our state.
Jeremy Inglis(non-registered)
Beautiful photos; great site.
Gary L Fua(non-registered)
Stunning photos Pat!
cool pictures
You have a beautiful homepage and toole pictures
Greetings from Austria
Iain Williams(non-registered)
Excellent website and photographs Pat. I've watched your posts on RSS feed and always enjoy your well composed and presented wildlife images. Good luck, Iain
I've always been a huge fan of your work, Pat. This is a stunning collection of images -- you really have a way of connecting viewers with your subjects on an emotional level, with a style that is wonderfully unique and artsy. Once we get a bigger place, I will definitely be decorating our walls with your images! :)
Your pictures are just great! I really enjoy the quality of your photos and posts. You should seriously consider putting together a book. I'd buy it! Keep up the good work.
Glen Allen Photography
Great collection of images Pat. Thanks for sharing!!
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