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Tomales Point is the northern tip of the Point Reyes Peninsula, a sliver of land with Tomales Bay to the east and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to the west. A large area of Tomales Point has been set aside as the Tule Elk Preserve, and the herd now numbers between 400-500 animals. The coastal scrub ecosystem is beautiful to stroll through, and especially when the yellow bush lupine and other wildflowers are blooming in the spring.
Quiet GlanceTrail through the fogSong sparrow on yellow bush lupinePerched on parsnipCoyote on Tomales PointDoe and fawn overlooking the Pacific OceanYoung bull tule elkQuail on a lichen covered fence postDowncast quail in the rainFluffed quail, old fenceQuail with wet plume in the rainCalifornia quail on lichen covered fence in Point Reyes National SeashoreWet quail on weathered fence railingTule elk feeding in the fogLarge bull chewingTule elk bulls in fogOsprey fly byOsprey in flightSinging from the branchesWhite-crowned sparrow on the branches