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Drake's Beach is a narrow stretch of beach that spans the western half of Drake's Bay in Point Reyes National Seashore. The beach is set against the dramatic sandstone cliffs that line the Drake's Bay, and stretches from the mouth of Drake's Estero to the Historic Lifeboat Station and Chimney Rock. Wildlife encounters are always a possibility, with gulls year round, large flocks of shorebirds during the migrations and winter season, and the chance to see elephants seals during their breeding season from December to March. It's a great beach to explore, but be sure to check the tide charts before you go!
Tule elk and Drake's Bay, Point ReyesVelvet bull browsing in wildflowersElk listeningBull elk surprises birdTule elk bugling among wildflowersTule elk in wildflowersElk, velvet and radishVelvet bull at sunsetTule elk in pastel sunsetWind-blown tule elkTule elk browsing at sunsetProud young bullResting bullTule elk with vine on its antlersTule elk fashion statementTule elk in Point ReyesBugling bull tule elkRutting tule elkQuail on post with wild radishQuail on fence with green backdrop