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In Point Reyes National Seashore, a drive along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard takes you to the outer peninsula and eventually to Chimney Rock and the Point Reyes Lighthouse. It's a beautiful drive through a mix of coastal scrub and agricultural grassland, and there's a chance to see wildlife along the entire length.
Nose to the groundYoung mule deer in the tall grassMother mule deer near the dunesOvercast sunset on North BeachSunset over Point Reyes National SeashoreThe Great Beach, Point Reyes National SeashoreIntrospective quailPosing on a fencepostGlancing into the distancePatient male quailDancing feathersQuail in profile on a fencepostCalifornia quail along Sir Francis DrakeQuail against colored backdrop of rolling hillsCalifornia quail on fencepostQuail on a diagonal postPerched California QuailConspicuous quailYoung buck eating grassYoung buck with velvet antlers