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A selection of some of my personal favorite and most popular mammal images. If you'd like to view all of my mammalian wildlife photos, please visit my Terrestrial Mammals Gallery or my Marine Mammals Gallery.
Evenly MatchedMule deer hiding in the flowersBobcat in Point Reyes National SeashoreKing of Loser's BeachPronghorn in golden grassPortrait of a bighorn sheep in Badlands National ParkWind-blown tule elkPortrait of a pronghornFollow your nosePronghorn in Yellowstone National ParkBlack Bear with Kokanee SalmonBull moose in Grand Teton National ParkTule elk in pastel sunsetBison feeding at sunsetYoung bull tule elkMother mooseQuiet GlanceBear cub stalking salmonNorthern elephant seal at sunsetStand off