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Shorebirds and my favorite photographic subjects, and this is a collection of some of my favorite and most popular shorebird images. These charismatic birds are what really brought me into wildlife photography. If you would like to browse all of my shorebird images, please visit my Shorebirds Galleries.
Sanderling wading through the shallows at duskCurlew at Morro BayDunlin feeding in front of the wavesPiping plovers at Sandy Point State ReservationSanderling wing flap in Parker River NWRSanderling on a spit of sandPiping plover chick at sunriseSleeping dunlin at sunsetPlover chick approaches its parentSanderling splashPiping plover with chicksRunning piping ploverSanderling in the warm glow of sunsetTip of the featherSemipalmated plovers on Plum Island, MassachusettsAvocets resting at sunsetTranquility at sunsetA sanderling for LauraPiping plover with chicksDunlin catches prey, Parker River NWR