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Yosemite National Park is a classic American icon for a good reason. The combination of water, granite, and light create a gorgeous locale with photographic opportunities everywhere you look.
Yosemite falls reflection in vernal pondTunnel View during spring stormDogwoods and El CapitanSpring flows in Bridalveil FallSpring flow over Bridalveil FallBridalveil Fall in springYosemite Falls through the treesAt the base of lower Yosemite FallsUpper Yosemite Fall in FogYosemite Falls with low fog aboveYosemite Falls and reflecting pondYosemite Falls capped by low fogUpper and Lower Yosemite FallsYosemite Falls with spring treesSpring snow on Bridalveil FallSpring dogwood blooms reaching toward graniteMountain dogwood blossomDogwoods in YosemiteSpring flows in Tenaya CreekHalf Dome and El Capitan