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It's always special to share space with a predatory species in the wild, and bobcats are no exception. While they may look a bit like a house cat at times, they are efficient predators of small rodents and sometimes larger prey. While these wild cats are typically quite secretive, the population that resides in Tennessee Valley in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in Marin County, California has become rather used to watching the many hikers walk the trails each day. This can be a real treat for the wildlife watcher, since many of the individual cats are quite willing to hunt right along the trails in the park.
Bobcat eye contactBobcat in Point Reyes National SeashoreBobcat looks to the sideBobcat in the GrassBobcat in the grassBobcat in motionResting its eyesAttentive stareBobcatBobcat in the brushDrawing a crowdStrolling bobcatWatching the trailBobcat attitude