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Tule elk (Cervus canadensis nannodes) are the smallest subspecies of elk in North America, and can be found in pockets throughout the Central Valley and Coastal California. The tule elk of Point Reyes National Seashore are a great conservation success story. In 1978 just 10 animals (2 bulls and 8 cows) were reintroduced to Tomales Point, and there are now around 500 in two herds in the National Seashore.
Wind-blown tule elkBull elk in wildflowersBull tule elk bugling in wild radishTule elk posing in wildflowersDominant bull tule elk buglingTule elk in wildflowersTule elk in wildflowersTule elk in wildflowersTule elk grazing in fogTule elk grazing in fogTule elk in the fogVelvet bull browsing in wildflowersElk listeningBull elk surprises birdTule elk bugling among wildflowersTule elk in wildflowersElk, velvet and radishTule elk on a foggy hillsideVelvet bull at sunsetTule elk in pastel sunset