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Song birds are a wonderful subject to photograph when you have the chance to get close, and this is especially true when they perch on spring wildflowers. The great thing about these birds is that you can find them on almost any hike you take. While I don't often go searching specifically for them on a trip, it's a wonderful bonus when they pick a perch right along the trail, and even more so when they start to sing!
Sparrow on a Stick (Vertical)Goldfinch in the marshSinging in the marshSinging sparrow behind the dunesSong sparrow on coyote brushSong sparrow with wildflowersGoldfinch in the wildflowersSong sparrow and yellow bush lupineWhite-crowned sparrow in yellow bush lupineWhite-crowned sparrow sings from lupine branchSparrow in lupine with preySparrow singing along the trailGoldfinch on the reedsAmerican goldfinch in the marshQuiet song sparrowCurious sparrow on a precarious perchSong sparrow surveying the wildflowersSparrow and summer wildflowersSparrow in a sea of wildflowersWhite-crowned sparrow in Point Reyes National Seashore